The benefits of regular facials for our skin´s wellbeing are clear. We offer you access to professional skincare services that are convenient, affordable and fit in your schedule. We use only local products, certified organics and medical brands from Barcelona. 






  • 30 min. A refresher, a hydrating boost, a quick maintance. 25 €
  • 50 min. Clasic, comprehensive, deep cleasing facial. 35 €
  • 75 min. Deeper  treatment with focus on specific concerns. 45 €.  


 Tratamientos específicos


  • Instant Flash. 70 min. An instant skin pick-me-up in a bottle that can rejuventate your skin in minutes. For special occasions. 60€  
  • New Age- 70 min.  This high performance facial uses the latest combination of activist deliver collagen stimulating, anti-aging results. Skin looks rejuvenated, smooth and more youthful.60€ 
  • Bio Peeling. 65 min. First natural peeling based in algae, herbs and per fluorocarbon that normalizes all functions of the skin and stimulates cell renewal.  60 
  • Peeling con AHA acids. Complete new, clean, fresh - 65 min = 60 

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