We offer a time in. A luxury service at an affordable price to forget about the outside world and relief your stress in a calm environment next to the beach.



Relax Massage

               30 min: 25 

               60 min: 40 

               90 min: 60 

          60 min 4 hands: 79 


Swedish inspired massage with light or medium intensity. Perfect to relax and tone.

Reflexology- 40 min/ 29€ 

* Please, advise our therapists about the intensity you prefer. Also inform us if you are pregnant, you have had a recently surgery or if you have a painful area to take care of.

Sport Massage

                 60 min: 49 

                 90 min: 75 




Deep Tissue inspired massage with  therapeutic techniques to release muscle tension. Great for sport people. Increases vitality.


Couple Massaje

                        30 min: 50 

                        60 min: 80 

                        90 min: 130 



Relaxing massage con light or medium intensity. Perfect to relax and tone, while sharing the experience with someone special in a double room.


Complimentary glass of cava.

Available in Gift Box.

Is possible to choose also sport massage.


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